Thursday, 5 May 2011

Two Down

The Highland Fling is one of 9 Ultras included in the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS). To qualify for the Championship, athletes must compete in 4 ultras out of these 9, concluding at the end of September.

Having raced in the D33 and Highland Fling, I seem to have crawled up the Results Table on the site:
Scottish Ultra Marathon Series

I don't think I should get too excited! This is but a temporary position...many of the fast girls are yet to race two.

I'm now carefully considering my options for which two to attempt assured these will not include the West Highland Way or Devil of the Highlands, not least as they are full.

The Clyde Stride on 16th July seems a tamer option, even if its title does make it sound more of a walk in a Glasgow park than a 40-mile ultra marathon. This type of race one week before Richard's wedding will earn me many champagne credits. Although I may encounter some family disapproval if I turn up looking too race-battered.
The Clyde Stride

Then we have the Speyside Way Race at the end of August, a definite favourite - route looks beautiful, relatively flat and distance not as taxing as others, at 36 miles.
Speyside Way Race

The SUMS closing race will be the appropriately named RAW, or River Ayr Way. It might be sensible to leave this as a fallback race should anything go wrong with completion of the Clyde and Speyside.
River Ayr Way Challenge

Any comments or advice most welcome :-)

Oh today's dose of inspiration came courtesy of a lovely man I met in the Sweatshop, who is a part-time photographer and writer for Runners World. He travelled around the world with Rosie Swale-Pope, taking her picture as she ran around it:

Five year race anyone?

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